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All the natural environment and countryside around Tarifa is absolutely amazing. Both the Natural Park of the Strait and Natural Sites such as the one of the Playa de los Lances and the Natural Park of the Alcornocales (Cork Trees), it is an authentic wonder for Nature lovers and in the same way that the beaches, also this factor attract an endless number of tourists, to perform multiple outdoor activities all around the year.

Incredible walks between Pines, wild olive trees, cork trees, waterfalls, streams, ponds and diverse vegetation, where you can even find the jewel of the natural park of Los Alcornocales: the rhododendrons.


This is the reason why “Natural Park of the Alcornocales” is known as: "the last Mediterranean jungle". The huge cork oak is perhaps the most striking of the area, the exploitation of cork that is regenerated every 9 years, and extracted with traditional methods, is peculiar and characteristic of this area .

Farms, rural houses, forests with diverse fauna: rabbits, foxes, mongoose, otters, multitude of Roe Deers and the peculiar “cerdali”, mixture of black pigs with wild boar. Moreover we need to bear in mind the world of birds. Innumerable species of birds, make another great attraction of the area. There are several ornithological observation points where you can see many different species: from small birds to large


raptors or even herons, storks and huge colonies of griffon vultures, which inhabit uphill in the rocky areas, the highest points of the bordering mountains.

Livestock released by all the meadows, horses, red cows (“retintas”), pigs, sheep, goats and an absolutely green landscape, as northern Spain or UK, for nine months a year, make this area a really special place. I always say it is a piece of the North with climate of Andalusia. You cannot ask for more…

From all our apartments and villas in Tarifa, without a doubt, to enjoy this natural environment, the Villas de la Ahumada stands out. The luxury mini-villaNepal, the  Ahumada Bungalow or the impressive La Ahumada Luxury Villa. Rural Housing registered in the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía, perfectly operational and located in the middle of the Natural Park
of the Alcornocales. Undoubtedly, is an ideal place for mountain biking, hiking, trekking, etc in this wonderful natural environment, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the breathtaking views of the valley, the sea or Africa that you can enjoy every single day.

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