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playa de Tarifa

playa de TarifaThey are possibly the most important tourist attraction in Tarifa. For that reason, every year they are considered as the best beaches all around Spain and even, sometimes they have been awarded with the prize for the best European beaches, as it is the case of the beach of Bolonia.

They are absolutely spectacular, due to their size: you can walk from Tarifa Village to the dune of Bologna, and there are more than 25 km away from natural beaches all connected and most of them totally wild. Something, mainly impossible to find nowadays in Western Europe.

Due to the fact that in Tarifa joins Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, we have to make a big difference between two coasts:

– The small beach called “Playa Chica” inside the village and the wild Mediterranean coast between Tarifa and Algeciras, with natural coves and the small town of Guadalmesi.

– In the Atlantic zone, the village beach is called “Los Lances”. It is a real wonder, long and tremendously wide, there are areas where they are more than 300 m wide of fine white sand and a length of more than 6 km away.

Playa en Tarifa

Next one is the beach of Valdevaqueros, of similar size, if we continue to Punta de Benavides. Inside it contains the wonderful dune of Punta Paloma, incredible spot of Sand Dunes, due to east wind (Called Levante) dragging fine sand of the beach and placing it in the lower part of the mountain of San Bartolo, devouring its pine ecosystem, forcing the trucks to clear the road that leads to the area of ​​Paloma Baja, which is covered every year with sand. It is an absolutely wonderful site.

The next inlet, the beach of Bolonia is also an authentic wonder, in addition you can find the rests the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia and also beach ends in a spectacular dune due to the same factor: Levante wind. Undoubtedly, one of the best beaches in Europe and I dare to say that in the whole world.

Playa y pueblo TarifaNext we find the beautiful and wild beach of Cañuelo, which continues after Punta Caramiñal the famous Playa de Los Alemanes and Atlanterra , which flows into Zahara de los atunes.

Our apartments in Tarifa of Las Cañas and the Senses Building are located on the beachfront and are perfect to enjoy these wonders of nature, at its best.

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