Bird and Whale watching

Another important asset, for people coming to Tarifa, specially for lovers of ornithology, are the multiple birds species, as well as those ones who come to visit colonies of cetaceans, that live permanently, in the Strait of Gibraltar. – Bird watching: As we have explained previously within the Tarifa natural environment, there are different ornithological…


Without pretending to discover now Andalusian cuisine and the peculiarities of Cadiz cuisine, it is true that Tarifa is a cosmopolitan city. In addition to the local population there are many foreigners, not only from the Iberian Peninsula, but from other parts of Europe and the world. People who have fallen in love with this place and…

Rent one of our apartments and enjoy of the beaches

playa de Tarifa

They are possibly the most important tourist attraction in Tarifa. For that reason, every year they are considered as the best beaches all around Spain and even, sometimes they have been awarded with the prize for the best European beaches, as it is the case of the beach of Bolonia. They are absolutely spectacular, due to…

If you like sport, Tarifa has a lot to offer

Actividades Deportivas Tarifa

This is the reason that brought me here a long time ago and of course is the reason that brings thousands of people every year: Enjoying water sports, mainly: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing. The tremendous extension of the beaches of Tarifa, mainly the “Los Lances, Valdevaqueros and Bolonia”, their wildness, due to the strong environmental protection of the area,…

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