The magic of Tarifa

The confluence in the same geographical point, of two seas: the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and two continents: Europe and Africa, make Tarifa a truly unique place, a place with a very special energy, which makes all people who visit, find a reason to return again and again and even sometimes, like many of us, to change our lives and come to live to this small town in southern Europe.

In the end, all these geographical, meteorological, landscape, cultural, natural and demographic features, condensed in a perfect size town, not too big to stressed us, not too small to get bored, has caused people from different parts of the world, permanently inhabit and visit continuously, our wonderful town, and therefore the topic why we say: “Tarifa is a crossroads of paths and a melting pot of races and cultures par excellence”.


All this, makes up what is known as THE MAGIC OF TARIFA.

If you want to buy surf-wear clothes or souvenirs and local crafts. You have also come to the right place, there are countless stores of all major surf brands, as well as famous local shops with their own brands and the famous T-shirts and sweatshirts of Tarifa.

If you want to come and try: The Magic of Tarifa, do not hesitate to visit our website: www.apartamentosentarifa.com and choose your ideal apartment or villa to stay, for whatever reason you are coming to Tarifa:

“But remember, always keep in mind, you may not want to go back to the place
you came from …”

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