Nightlife in Bars, Pubs and Clubs

If you want to continue after dinner, Tarifa is a privileged place. There are restaurants and beach-bars, where you can also have the first drinks of the night, some of them do not even close until late at night.

But this has not always been the case:

At the beginnings of Tarifa as water sports paradise, as we know it today, there were traditional bars, along with windsurfer’s bars. In these last ones there was always a TV projecting images of surfing and windsurfing, and there was no much options after three in the morning. The evolution of all this, bring us a new scenery, which is very different in some aspects.

The handsome surfing guys who started coming to Tarifa from the 80s, to enjoy their favorite sports, attracted a lot of girls. New bars began to come into the picture and were on fashion within this type of people. There is a mixture of surfers with the normal summer population of each Spanish coastal city, plus natives. All this, has evolved in a really special place, to party every night, 365 days a year. Nowadays there is a great diversity of beach bars, night bars and clubs, open until next morning.

The casual wear at dressing, it is the general trend, it is not necessary to dress formal clothes as much as in the big cities to go out. Here people do not pay attention to those things, it does not matter how one dresses and the roll that each one takes. Everyone is welcome, characters even more…

Another feature of the night in Tarifa, very different from other Spanish cities, is the coexistence of people of different ages in the same places. It is common to see in the same bar: teenagers, and people on their: twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and even people on their 60´s. Everyone is welcome, everyone relate to each other, everyone enjoys together. In this sense, Tarifa night life is
wonderful, especially when you become a little older…

The diversity of the nationalities of the inhabitants of Tarifa, its visitors and people in transit, that come to this place all around the year, to enjoy all these wonders that we are relating along with the mixture of people, of different ages, of different cultures, of diverse conditions, with different life styles, with different ways of dressing, with different ideas, with different conceptions, etc, etc, make an amazing experience Tarifa night life. You cannot miss it.

The only point of connection for all the people who go out at night, is to have fun, enjoy life and the joy of living peacefully.

So you know, if you like to mess around this is your place. To enjoy it, all the apartments we have in the village are perfect, especially the apartments of the Senses Building located one minute walk from the old town. As well as the apartments of Magallanes and Las Cañas, which are located in between down town and the nightclubs of the Polígono la Vega, with are also another strategic point to be from 03:00AM onwards, if you want to enjoy the full night in Tarifa.

Regarding our standards, in our apartments we only demand respect for the basic rules of coexistence and do not disturb neighbors. Rules such as, no loud music in the accommodations, from 22:00H hours onwards. The streets of Tarifa, as we have explained, offer a magnificent and endless party, so it is not necessary to continue partying in the apartments.

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